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Thursday, July 21, 2011

What you need to bring to my workshops

Getting started with your new hobby
I get asked a lot about, 
what equipment you would need to start card making.
Card making can be a very expensive hobby, there is so much equipment for sale, that you can most defiantly get carried away,
(I know because you should see my craft room, )

But the basic starter set up tool kit would be
Paper Trimmer
(as it's near impossible to cut a straight line)

Score Board
(to fold your cards into different card designs without cracking the card or giving the card a buckled creased fold line.)

Good quality all purpose clear glue
(Because there are lots of very cheap glue in euro shops, 
which will damage background papers, 
I would avoid them and buy a good quality one like 
Collall or Bostic)

Glue Gun
I couldn't make cards with out one, as I have no patients, waiting for glue to dry, the glue gun allows you to stick embellishments instantly, great if there is any weight, 
as Wet glue takes for ever to dry.
I have a dremmel, which I got in woodies about 4 years ago, and it's fantastic, it doesn't cook the glue like cheaper makes, as it has a thermostat, so the glue doesn't over heat, which caused the glue to discolour. 
Decoupage Foam Pads or foam tape
(You should get good quality foam pads or tape, I use JeJe and find them the best.)

Doublesided tape
(This can be fiddly to use, but once you get the hang of it, you won't use anything else to stick Card, Paper, Ribbon and embellishments with.)

Ribbons and bows
(These are always handy to have, as they add a bit of extra finish to any project)

Self adhesive Gems and Pearls
Buttons and brads
Again these give extra sparkle to your cards

Peel-off Boarder and Corners
These give that extra finish to handmade cards, making them stand out from the rest, they come in a huge selection of designs and colours.

Paper or punched flowers
Again these give extra detail to your cards

There is a full list of the suppliers I use on my main page Here


  1. Thanks Yvonne for the detailed list. I'm not sure about the hi-tack glue. I have the collall, silicone glue and Anita's tacky glue. If these aren't what you mean, hopefully you will have some in supply for sale on the day. Can you upload the directions to the Bridg Centre please? Are we meeting next Wednesday evening? Thnks, Aileen

  2. Hi Aileen the Anita tacky glue is fine, we meet up again on the 24th at my house,will get direction to the bridge centre from Marion and upload then to workshop page
    see you Saturday
    Yvonne xx

  3. Thank you yvonne for a lovely sunday.
    Lovely cards, great food and nice company.
    Couldn't have asked for more.


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